My first proper post!

Right, well, I guess I’d better get going with this.  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for ages, but have hesitated because it seemed silly to start writing without being sure anyone was ever going to read it.  But, then, after some thought, I realised that that probably didn’t matter.  I talk so much and have so many random thoughts that writing some of them down might be useful for me, even if they never touched on the consciousness of anyone else in the whole wide world.

So, in true ‘Coldstream Guard’ spirit (still thinking of you, Granny T!), I’m just going to start writing as often as I possibly can and hope that at some point, it will become clear to me (and maybe only me!) what these musings might eventually become.

Today, I’m LOVING the sunshine (who isn’t?!), as well as the fact that four Anthony Browne books arrived from Amazon this morning.  Our current favourite is ‘How do you feel?” and C ( at nearly three years old) is using it a lot to help identify why he feels the way he does.  C’s REAL favourite book at the moment is ‘You choose’ (by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt) and we spend oodles of time every day on the ‘food’ page – he must be familiar with more dishes and types of food than many Michelin starred chefs!

H (at one year old) is very much into ‘touch and feel’ and other interactive books – the ‘That’s not my…” series is particularly popular, especially the train one.  He’s not a fan of sitting still during reading sessions, but he does seem to enjoy them and often brings books over to us to read for him.

I am looking forward to getting our new display-style bookcase, so that both boys can have more freedom in selecting their own books each day.  I love reading with them and I want to make sure that, as much as possible, we base our choices on what they want to read, rather than what I want them to read (even though I have the best of intentions!).

I guess that’s everything for now.  I could wittter on for hours, but there are always jobs to be done and at least it may mean I have something to say tomorrow if I don’t blurt it all out today!

TTFN xxxx



  1. Oh haiiiiii

  2. Hey! Better buck my ideas up now that someone other than me has actually read this 😉

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