Story sacks for pre-school children

I am currently in the process of overhauling all the story sacks for C’s pre-school.  For anyone who’s unaware, these are drawstring bags that, in very simple terms, contain a book and a range of related resources to enhance the reader’s enjoyment of the book.

Does anyone have any particularly awesome books or resources that they think would work well?  I have had lots of ideas myself and have struggled to whittle them down (Anthony Browne and Oliver Jeffers are featuring heavily so far!), so would appreciate any thoughts you have…


P.S.  I am aware that I talk / write A LOT, so this is my attempt at being concise.  I’m twitching.  And sweating a little bit.  Stepping away from the computer NOW.


  1. I work in public libraries and we use story sacks occasionally but my experience (albeit minimal) is that often the sacks resources can not be selected brilliantly well. i recall one sacks that had a game in it that seemed to be something a primary school kid might play but not pre-school which is what the sacks are mainly aimed at. I think in terms of your business idea then you would likely be able to make your own story sacks that are more relevant to what you want your sessions to do. Of course the soft toys are always going to be a good thing!

    In terms of books I have read recently that might be good for a story sack I can see potential in Wolf Won’t Bite by Emily Gravett.

  2. Thank you, that’s really helpful. I agree with you in that a quite a few of the story sacks I’ve seen over the years have not always been well thought through when it comes to the youngest children. For Storyseekers, I would most definitely be making my own story sacks and to that end, doing this project for C’s nursery has really helped me to identify what I think works successfully (or not).

    I love Emily Gravett, but haven’t come across ‘Wolf Won’t Bite’, so have added it to my to-read list – it looks great from the reviews I’ve just read!

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