Loft treasure no.3 – It was meant to be…

Clearly inspired by my trawl through Dad’s loft, my husband (M) asked his parents to see whether they had any of his childhood treasures hidden away at their house.

There weren’t quite so many to choose from (my whole family are incurable hoarders, a trait which M bemoans on a regular basis as I not so much just carry the family’s hoarding flag as wave it wildly at the head of its own all-singing, all-dancing parade.  M’s family are a little more realistic about the storage capacity of the average house) but the ones that remained were a selection of lovely stories and were in great condition.

One particularly special find (for me) was a copy of ‘The Bears Who Went To The Seaside’ by Susanna Gretz.  Not because M had especially precious memories about reading it when he was younger, but because I realised that I had also had a copy as well.  I like to think that it’s a sparkling sign that were meant to be together!

Luckily, we’ll always be able to identify our own copies as I helpfully added this inscription to mine…



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