Loft treasure no.5 – A book for all seasons

For some reason, I feel as though I’ve noticed and appreciated each individual season more keenly than in the past, from snow play in the winter, to the first spring walk without a coat, through the summer days splashing in the lido at the park to the current fun we’re having collecting a huge variety of beautifully coloured autumn leaves.

I’m not sure exactly where all this has come from, but I do know that reading this book has increased my enjoyment further:

‘A Child’s Book of Seasons’ by Satomi Ichikawa

This book was one of my favourites as a child as well, evidenced by the fact that when I found it in my box of loft treasures, literally every page had come out.  The book is now back in one piece (after a none-too-professional rescue effort involving a whole jumbo roll of sticky tape) and I’ve been sharing the clean yet detailed illustrations and simple text with the boys, focusing particularly on this lovely autumn spread:

But in the interests of fairness, I have included my favourite bits from the other seasons’ sections, too – I’d hate for spring, summer or winter to feel left out!




This page below is my favourite, showing the children – who have been playing creatively inside during endless rain – spotting that the sun has finally come out:

Do any of you have any recommendations for good books about each season or the changing of the seasons?  I’m trying a new idea with the boys (in an attempt to be ever more imaginative with book storage solutions) which is to have a small, easily portable box of recent purchases and ‘seasonal’ books.  These could be fiction or non-fiction as C and H enjoy both, but your thoughts would be gratefully received!


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