Christmas loft treasure no.1 – ‘The Christmas Book’, by Dick Bruna



We’re great fans of Dick Bruna’s books in the Story Seekers house and C (who is really into wordless stories at the moment) is having fun using ‘A Story To Tell’ to create his own adventures to share with us.

However, this book, which retells the Nativity using Bruna’s distinctive illustrative style, is one of the festive treats I uncovered as part of my haul of loft treasures a few months ago.  Christmas is my favourite time of year and it’s making me so happy to share my own childhood Christmas stories with the boys.

C particularly likes this book as the shepherds play a more prominent role than in some Nativity stories and he is VERY excited about being a shepherd in his pre-school Nativity later this week.  I think this is more down to the fact that he’ll get to carry a crook (“Which, Mummy, is basically a massive hook and I LOVE hooks!”) rather than any deep connection he feels to the story, but it’s very sweet nonetheless 🙂


The story itself is a simple but lovely version of the Nativity and one that I’m finding is pitched perfectly for H (at nearly two years old) this year.  C (at three and a half years old) is starting to explore some slightly more complex versions, but he still enjoys this and will actually sit and ‘read’ this book to H himself.


What with the boys reading together and C’s first stage appearance, I’m aware I’m going to squeeze out my own body weight in happy tears over the next few days.

More Christmas loft treasures tomorrow…


P.S.  I was always an angel in my own Christmas plays, so I’m including this next spread as I used to love looking at them in this book when I was younger.  Clearly C and I have this in common!


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