‘Keeping’ books

This might well be my shortest post ever (famous last words, I know) but I just *had* to share this endearing habit that both C and H possess and which makes me smile every single day!

M and I read to the boys every evening (and I often read to them during the day as well), but the process of them selecting each night’s stories is becoming increasingly lengthy due to the boys now needing to choose not only the stories they would like us to share, but the books they would like to keep in their beds, a.k.a. ‘keeping books’. These are books which we are absolutely NOT allowed to read out loud to them and whose sole purpose is simply to be cuddled up under the covers along with soft toys and beach towels (don’t ask – we’ve somehow managed to create a situation where C and H have the most enormous and unpractical comfort blankets ever…).

For both boys, any Fireman Sam book will suffice as an adequate keeping book, with H also partial to most things tractor-related and C sneaking in some Traction Man action on a regular basis (and he snuck his new Abney and Teal book in there last night as well).

Now, whilst I’m totally on board with the boys loving books so much that they literally can’t let them go, it does freak M and I out somewhat when we hear a huge thump from upstairs and fly up like the wind, invariably to discover that it’s merely a book that’s made a bid for freedom. While this is clearly preferable to actually finding a child on the floor, it does get a little tiresome…

Anyway, I’d be really keen to hear about which books you love so much that you’d elevate them to the status of ‘keeping books’. For me, at the moment it would probably be ‘The Princess Who Had No Kingdom‘ (which I’ll be reviewing soon) and both of my Grandmother Lucy ‘loft treasures’ books. However, just like C and H, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time and with no prior notice 😉



  1. Lovely anecdote! My youngest keeps lots of comics under her pillow 🙂

    1. Hurrah – a kindred spirit 🙂

  2. So funny. Lately Miss 7 has been hoarding at least 10 “fairy” chapter books from the library up on her bunk bed with her. With all the stuffed toys, pillows and pillow pets as well, I don’t know how she actually fits in the bed!

    1. Brilliant – it seems there’s quite a gang of book keepers developing 🙂

  3. […] is H’s current favourite and has been elevated to the rarefied status of a ‘keeping book‘.  Praise […]

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