Yumminess, yuckiness and two scrumptious stories!

The books featured in this review were first read by us before Christmas, but what with Santa Claus and then snow, I’ve only just had time to write this post.   However, I recommend that you don’t take nearly so long about getting hold of them because they’re two little gems!

We already had ‘The Fearsome Beastie‘ by Giles Paley-Phillips, so were very pleased to receive another of his books:

Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball’, by Giles Paley-Phillips, illustrated by Gabriele Antonini (published by Maverick Books)

IMG_4171The colourful, cartoon-like illustrations instantly appealed to both C and H.  The story itself resonated much more with C than his younger brother, as he’s suddenly reached the stage where he says he’s scared of things (at the moment his fears centre mainly around where his next piece of chocolate might be coming from, which is seemingly a very real concern for him…).  Whilst he doesn’t seem overly bothered by monsters at the moment, he is actually a very empathetic little chap, so he really understood Tamara’s concerns.

IMG_4173The genius of this story, however, is that it builds up just the right amount of fearful anticipation before revealing that these monsters are a friendly bunch who just want to parrrrrrrttttttyyyyyyyyyy!

IMG_4174Both boys loved the idea that these supposedly scary creatures were into dancing and discos and it’s a lovely way to turn a traditional terrifying issue into something much less monstrous.

Not only do Tamara and her new friends have a great evening, but it’s rounded off – as all good parties should be – with THIS ‘delicious’ slime cake!

IMG_4175You can’t say fairer than a ghoulishy gooey cake to please my two little men, so this was pretty a much a perfect ending in their eyes (though I’m not sure slime cake will ever top chocolate cake in C’s eyes 😉 ).

This proved to be a fun read for the boys and clearly they weren’t the only ones who thought so, as the book has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize (you can vote here)!  Well done, Giles!

The culinary delights in the next book are decidedly more to my taste and, VERY excitingly, it also features a princess with my name 🙂

The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble‘, by Angela Mitchell, illustrated by Sarah Horne (published by Maverick Books)

IMG_4143The story follows events on Princess Lolly’s 89th birthday, as she demands a special jelly that doesn’t wobble.  This had C and H in fits of laughter – who’s ever heard of a jelly that doesn’t wobble?!?!?  Princess Lolly (I’ll never get tired of writing that!) feels very strongly about it, however:

IMG_4145and the boys identified closely with the need to express one’s feelings in this manner from time to time, adhering to  the school of thought that a good tantrum clears the pipes and solves a multitude of ills.

After an altercation with the jelly itself, the pouting princess sends her quivering courtiers away to solve the problem (much to the jelly’s dismay…).  This is a little more irksome than they’d anticipated, as the jelly simply refuses to wobble.  It takes the cook’s assistant, a plucky little fellow sporting a very snazzy bow tie, to finally work out what to do and to create pretty much the perfect birthday party pudding (jelly and ice-cream, obviously) at the same time.

IMG_4147The resulting wibbling and wobbling prompted C and H to demand many renditions of the ‘Jelly on a plate’ song, with them singing gleefully along.  Clearly, it was only right and proper that we then had our own servings of jelly and ice-cream, which rounded off the experience perfectly.

This book is a feast for the eyes and the ears and is another hugely enjoyable read that continues to entertain us.  Yumminess (jelly and ice-cream) and yuckiness (slime cake) are appreciated equally here as long as they’re part of a fab story, so these two books get a thumbs up from us!


Disclaimer:  I received my copies of these books from the publisher.  I was not asked to write this post, nor was I given any money for doing so, and the review represents my own honest opinion.


  1. Ah…. I want some jelly and icecream now!

  2. I’m curious about the ingredients in a slime cake……………..!

    1. Luckily they’re not detailed in the book – not sure I’ve got the stomach for that level of detail 😉

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