Grown up book club (with children’s books!)

I just wanted to write a quick post to say how much I am enjoying the book club of which I’m a member.  We got set up in the autumn of last year and we meet every couple of months.

As I’d suggested the idea of a book club, I was the first to host.  I only mention this detail because, at our first get-together, we decided that we’d read a children’s book as well as a ‘grown up’ book every time.  However, the next host chooses the books each time, so I didn’t get to select a children’s book and am GUTTED as it won’t be my turn again for aaaaaaaaaaaages.

Anyway, I shall drag myself out of my pit of despair (and work on my hypnosis skills to try and influence some of the other members in the meantime, mwah ha ha ha ha haaaaa….! Cough… Ahem… As you were…) and simply ask you which books you’ve read recently that you’d recommend.  What we’ve quickly discovered is that just because we might love a book, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a great one to discuss with others.  Indeed, if you’re too passionately attached to a book it can be really hard to hear others talk about it with less fervour and perhaps even to criticise it.  We’ve also found that if we all feel exactly the same way about a book – be it positive or negative – that conversation tends to run dry sooner rather than later.

So, in advance of my next chance to make the pick, I’m looking for outstanding ‘grown up’ books and outstanding children’s books that you think would be worthy of discussion over a glass (or two) of wine and some seriously yummy olives….

Thanks in advance 🙂



  1. You could pick books shortlisted for the costa – the winner in the children’s category and one other winner, from any year. I’ve not read either Mantel’s or Gardner’s books but both are meant to be really brilliant.

    1. Great idea, Zoe! I’ve not read the books either, but have heard only wonderful things so they would fit the bill perfectly.

  2. Am reading Magot Moon by Sally Gardner at the moment. Such a deserving winner of the Costa Prize, I suppose it straddles both categories. though with more weight on the adult side. Would make a fantastic book to discuss at a book group. Also “Grandpa” by Marta Alrles, because it raises issues of old age and dementia and the relationship between young and old. It is disarmingly simple but actually I found it very deep and moving. Those would be two suggestions from me.Wish I could join your book group!

    1. Thanks Emma! I love Marta Altes’ work so ‘Grandpa’ is a brilliant idea (as is ‘Maggot Moon’, of course)! And, if you’re ever in the area, you’d be very welcome to join in – it’d be an honour 🙂

  3. I haven’t read these yet – my book club ladies are on the waiting list – but I’ve heard they are very good. Life of Pi and The Book Thief. And for the children’s books, what about Drop Dead by Babette Cole. We also read a funny one of hers titled “The Sprog Owner’s Manual” or something like that.

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