‘Monkey Nut’, by Simon Rickerty

Monkey Nut‘, by Simon Rickerty (published by Simon and Schuster)

IMG_4948I fear I’m going to be in danger of swamping you all with all the book reviews I have planned, but I just HAD to share this cheeky little chappy of a book that we picked up yesterday!

I was instantly drawn to the title as Monkey Nut is a pet name that I often use for the boys, but I was also keen to investigate it as C is a huge fan of Rickerty’s illustrations for the fantabulous ‘Unfortunately‘, by Alan Durant.

We weren’t disappointed.  At all.  This is a simple text, following the story of two spiders (C is the blue one and H is the red one, so they tell me) who bear more than a passing resemblance to the boys in terms of their current attitude to sharing, i.e., not really enormous fans of the concept, thanks very much.

The plot follows the spiders finding increasingly creative uses for the monkey nut, all of which make C and H howl with laughter!


IMG_4950However, their argument over who should be its rightful owner reaches its dramatic climax…

IMG_4951…when another spider intervenes and sends it ping-ponging towards this chap, who devours it hastily:



The original two spiders then realise that the elephant has done them a real favour and solved their sharing problem perfectly!

IMG_4953There are very few words in this book, and the word ‘mine’ is repeated many times.  Reading it out loud reminded me of how I read ‘Banana‘, by Ed Vere (another book to which H, in particular, is very partial), giving each repetition of the word a different tone, volume and expression.  In a lot of ways it makes me work harder than much more wordy books, but it’s worth it to see the boys getting so much out of the story.

C enjoyed the book because he made the link with my pet name for he and he felt very grown-up being able to ‘read’ the repeated words.  As is often the way with books that have little or no text, he also seemed to really enjoy creating his own interpretation of events and telling me what was going on.  H loved the many different ways in which ‘mine’ could be said and he loved the part where the spider uses the monkey nut as a telephone (he pretends any object that’s not nailed down is a telephone at the moment).

This book is one that I think could be enjoyed by children over a wide age range, as young babies would appreciate the bold colours and uncluttered pages (I’m not sure if a board book version will be available, as this would be preferable for smaller hands) and older children could read the story out loud themselves and talk about the potential difficulties encountered when trying to share.  It’s also great to share the magic of using our imagination and being able to see simple objects in different and exciting ways.

This book has already been read many times this week and I’m sure is destined to find its place in the Story Seekers Hall of Fame!







  1. I love the simplicity of the illustrations in this story – thank you for introducing me to this book (and don’t worry about swamping me with reviews :))

    1. Hee hee, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write as many as I’d like to, but it’s good to know you’re always up for more 🙂 Keep yours coming too – they’re ace!

  2. […] on the front cover) makes it even better.  As with the other Simon Rickerty books we own (‘Monkey Nut‘ and ‘Unfortunately’, the latter of which is written by Alan Durant) this is a […]

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