International Book Giving Day 2013



Today is International Book Giving Day 2013!  How exciting to think about igniting a love of reading for someone by passing on a book 🙂  Much more thrilling than paying over the odds for flowers and chocolates that will be forgotten before the week is out (my husband feels the same way, luckily 😉 )

The general idea is to pass on books to people who might really appreciate them.  You can hand them over in person (as we did) or you can distribute them with stealth (by leaving them in a doctor’s waiting room, for example), just as long as you’re sharing the book love.

H had his two year health check yesterday, so we actually started celebrating International Book Giving Day then (I never need an excuse to prolong such jolliness!) by donating five books to our local Children’s Centre.  H was very proud to hand them over and beamed with delight at being given such responsibility.  I was excited to be able to spread the word about the occasion and felt pleased to be handing over some really lovely books for others to enjoy.

IMG_4971If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved with International Book Giving Day 2013, please visit their website for lots more information and updates about how the event is being celebrated around the world!




  1. […] nothing to worry about as they were equally as delighted by it.  I decided that, in addition to donating books to our local Children’s Centre, I would give the boys a book each for International Book Giving Day this past Thursday, so this […]

  2. A great way to celebrate! That’s great that your son enjoyed giving the books! -Amy

  3. I saw Pooh! My daughter loves it!

    New follower here! From International Book Giving Day !Follow my green news! @

    1. Thanks so much for following – it’s lovely to hear from you 🙂

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