A new member of Story Seekers

OK, so my husband, M, doesn’t exactly count as a brand new member as he’s been on board with the Story Seekers idea from the start, but recently I’ve been thinking more about his involvement in how and what we read with C and H.  This is partly inspired by ‘Read It, Daddy!’ and his campaign to get more families reading together, but in particular to get more dads reading with their children.

C and H are really lucky in that M has always been extremely keen to read with them.  He doesn’t get as much of an opportunity as I do, but he shares stories with both of them each night and is always excited about new books and seeing C and H’s reactions to them.

M also doesn’t get many chances to read himself (other than for work) so it makes me feel even more proud that he’s decided to use some of his precious spare time to start contributing to this blog.  He wants to give a dad’s eye view of how he feels about reading, story time and why he likes or doesn’t like certain books.  We’ve chatted about the idea before, but what finally sealed the deal was finding this book on my visit to Hay a few weeks ago:

Dad and Me: Reading‘, by Jan Ormerod (published by Walker).


Jan Ormerod sadly died earlier this year and you can read a wonderful obituary by Morag Styles from The Guardian here.  The article states that Ormerod had, “…a genius for simple storytelling…” and that’s absolutely exemplified by this book.  Despite being quite short and holding relatively few words, this book so cleverly captures our experiences of reading with C and H, especially when they were babies.

We’ve definitely been here:


and as the picture shows, we’ve been here as well:



So, M will be sharing his first post very soon and will hopefully post every few weeks or so after that.  If there are any dads reading, please do get involved and comment – he’d love to hear from you!



  1. Great photo to match the book! I look forward to reading M’s first post 🙂

  2. Lovely post and great idea! Well done both of you, I’m looking forward to following your adventures.

  3. Awesome stuff, the more the merrier and thanks for the mention!

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