‘Pip, Pip, Hooray!’ and more Pippety Pipping good fun!

The boys are really lucky to be surrounded by many truly lovely books to read but even so, we don’t spend ALL our time reading.  Therefore, we were really happy to receive the lovely ‘My Cat Pip’ activity books recently and the boys are now totally hooked by this cute little creature.  The four books in the series are enticingly interactive and include:

– lift-the-flap fun – always a hit with C and H

– sticker-related splendiferousness

– ‘find the cat in a crowd’ high jinx.

They’re the work of Karen Bendy and are published by Hodder Children’s Books.  I hadn’t come across Pip before and was unaware that other Pip products were available as well – check out the website here.

Pip, Pip, Hooray!


Purrfect PIP!


Showtime PIP!


Where are you, PIP?


What I particularly like about these books is that at no point (that I came across anyway, and I think I’ve seen every page quite a few times now) is it specified whether Pip is male or female.  This means that Pip freely plays all sorts of roles throughout the books – firefighter, fairy, farmer and football player, to name but a few – without any worries about what she/he *should* be doing.  Given the different ways in which the books can be used together it means that, for example, a fairy can play football with no questions asked.  This is just great to see at a point where I sometimes despair about the messages that are sent to each gender about the things they should and shouldn’t enjoy, both in books and elsewhere.

It was heartening to see that C and H didn’t once refer to any of the activities being ‘girly’ or skip over any of them because they weren’t interested.  Obviously the firefighter spread got the most views, but every other page was used and loved as well.

C enjoying the stickers

C enjoying the stickers

H loving lifting the flaps

H loving lifting the flaps

The boys and I are also big fans of these books because there is just so much to see, do and talk about in each one.  Some activity books rely on the fame of the character to hook people in, then don’t actually offer much in the way of opportunities for the children to get involved, but these brightly coloured books were just packed with extra questions and prompts.  The boys bring them out time after time and they’re still going strong so they’re obviously quite durable too, which means a big thumbs-up from us.

Toodle PIP!

Disclaimer: I received my copies of these books from the publisher. I was not asked to write this post, nor was I given any money for doing so, and the review represents my own honest opinion.

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