Current Story Seekers priorities

I’ve found myself having a huge rethink about Story Seekers recently, but don’t get too attached to my ramblings as I’m sure there’ll be hundreds and thousands a couple more rethinks in the next two years 😉

The time issue is actually one of the major things that’s whizzing around in my mind and I feel as though I’m caught in that situation where a task takes as much time as can be allocated to its completion.  On the one hand I have over two years before I’d be looking to ‘properly’ start work again, which makes me feel as though I should be able to move mountains in that timeframe.  On the other hand, I have so much to do each day looking after the boys that I’m exhausted in the evening and don’t feel as though I can devote much decent time to Story Seekers planning. I also do some freelance copywriting to try boost the coffers while I’m not earning anything, so that swallows up quite a few hours each week.

Anyway, after I had a little bit of a wobbly last week, M kindly (though faced with my sobbing and intensive chocolate consumption he probably had little choice) said we should sit down and devote an evening to trying to identify a few priorities and some achievable goals that can be worked towards for the rest of this year.  So, as I’ve done before in these meandering brain-dump style posts, I’m going to list them here as a checklist for myself knowing that I’m more likely to stick to them if I’ve shared them.

1)  Work out a more realistic weekly schedule for all my non-parenting tasks.  This will include blogging, copywriting and Story Seekers planning, as well as Relaxing and Doing Nothing (something at which I spectacularly fail pretty much all the time).

2)  Start filling in the business plan template I downloaded aeons ago.  M suggested that this might be a good way to continuously record my thoughts in a more structured format and would also perhaps help me to rationalise my constant fears about comparing myself with others and worrying about my competition and possible barriers to entry (I did Economics at uni and I think that’s one of the first times I’ve actually used my knowledge since I graduated – hurrah!).  One big aspect of this that I need to get my head around is that I’d love to be able to share my passion for books and reading for free so that I could work with whichever groups of people needed it the most.  Trying to turn this into a ‘career’ that I’ll make money from is taking some adjustment, even though I know there’s nothing wrong with providing a service for people and getting paid for it.  Hopefully this is where the volunteering (see below) will come into play, so that I can balance things in my own mind.

3)  Set up a local FCBG group.  I’ve mentioned this before, but chatting to M about it really brought home just how much I’d love doing it for its own sake, as well as it being a good way to benchmark local interest in the premise of Story Seekers.  The biggest thing that’s stopped me so far is my worry about approaching people to be part of it.  I know I have to be passionate about it in order to get others on board but I’m so worried about what others will think of me (totally pathetic, I know) and that they’ll all be sitting there thinking I’m ridiculous and wondering how they can get out of joining in.  I know that people have so much going on in their lives and I’d hate to pressure them to take this on unless they felt positive about it as well.  I’ve always been awful at asking for things from others but that’s GOT to change as I cannot do this job on my own, for legal reasons if nothing else – I can’t take on all the roles in a committee without arousing at least a modicum of suspicion!

Anyway, there are various other little bits I have in mind, such as visiting this new place near me – Family Tree – which might be somewhere to think about working with in the future, plus volunteering work at C’s new school and H’s pre-school next year, at the library, at children’s centres, at the hospital…

However, the three points above are where I am hoping to direct my energy for now.  Therefore, lovely readers, please feel free to kick my butt, to hassle me and to ask regular searching questions about how it’s all going – your support will be hugely appreciated 🙂



  1. That sounds like a very excellent and manageable plan – I hope M will be making sure you stick to the Relaxing and Doing Nothing part too! It’s a marathon not a sprint 🙂 best of luck with the local book group, I am sure other lovely enthusiastic people will come forward to help – keep us updated!

    1. Thanks Helen, your kinds words are always appreciated 🙂 Will definitely keep you updated.

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