A book to celebrate C and H’s wonderful daddy

I love my daddy‘, by Giles Andreae, illustrated by Emma Dodd (published by Orchard Books) is a gorgeously illustrated Fathers’ Day cuddle in a book.

IMG_5494The sweet rhyming couplets on each page are accompanied by lively, colourful pictures and refer to a whole range of common scenarios in our house and C had a LOT to say when he saw the bit below about a dad trying to ‘share’ food with his child!  All the male members of this household eat at the speed of light and are CONSTANTLY hungry, so much so that when thinking about my own eating habits I’m reminded of the episode of ‘Friends’ where someone accuses Ross of practically inhaling his food and he shouts back that he grew up with Monica, so “If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat!”  That sentence might as well be tattooed on my head.  I went out with friends last night and finished way before them as I’m now conditioned to panic eat so that I get my own share.  You can’t take me anywhere… 😉

Anyway, back to the book…

IMG_5495This next spread is gorgeous and it’s lovely to see a male being a reading role model and doing the bedtime stories, which is something that M really loves doing with C and H.

IMG_5496This book is perfect for snuggling up with and sharing together and despite having read it a few times, we’ll be getting it out again in the run up to Fathers’ Day.  What was also special was that it sparked a discussion about all the wonderful, personal things about M that makes him such an amazing dad, such as (and I’m quoting the boys here!):

– He is really lovely and he gives us chocolate and sweets.

– He is really good at reading stories.

– He is brilliant at rumbling.

– He’s got a blue car (H insisted that this was relevant…).

– He’s really big and he’s bigger than us.

– He likes sport and he’s good at running and he helps us play golf and football (again, C felt that this directly impacted his parenting abilities).

– We miss him when he’s not here.

– He makes paninis at the weekend.

– One day I will be a daddy too and he will help me (from C).

– We love him and he’s beautiful.

As you can see, M is very much loved by both his children and this book was a great chance for us to let him know that as we probably don’t tell him as often as we should.

It’s not a criticism of this book itself, but reading it did make me realise that it catered to us (as a white family with both parents living together) quite specifically and that it would be nice to think there were books out there that represented children whose family structure was different.  However, on an admittedly very quick wander around Waterstone’s today, I didn’t come across any books that showed anything other than the above.  I am therefore going to be looking around at places like the wonderful Letterbox Library for inspiration and asking you, lovely readers, if you know of any books that reflect the many and varied ways in which dads (including step-dads, foster dads, non-white dads, gay dads – the list goes on) are a part of family life.

I hope that everyone, no matter what their situation, enjoys celebrating the special men in their lives this Fathers’ Day.


Disclaimer: I received my copy of this book from the publisher. I was not asked to write this post, nor was I given any money for doing so, and the review represents my own honest opinion.

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  1. Lucym808 · · Reply

    The colour of dads’ cars are clearly of utmost importance in their sons’ lives. I once had a small child tell me, apropos of nothing, that his dad had a yellow car. There’s a nice book by Anthony Browne about dads – the title has escaped me – which is very unconventional (dad is a gorilla, as in many of his books). I always think Grace and Family is a beautiful depiction of a family that has split up, but where the dad remains sensitive and caring, as well as entirely believable. It always makes me cry!

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