Our reading list – July 2013

Here’s the update on what we’ve read this past month, which has been a bumper month for us.  For that reason, we’ve each chosen two favourite books instead of one… 😉

The full list of books that we’ve read can be found here on Pinterest.

In July, our favourite books were:

Me – ‘Children of the Forest‘ by Elsa Beskow and ‘Ambrose Goes For Gold‘ by Tor Freeman

C – ‘Knight Night‘ by Owen Davey and ‘Dixie O’Day – In the Fast Lane‘ by Shirley Hughes, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

H – ‘Cuckoo‘ by Fiona Roberton and ‘Mimi Make Believe‘ by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Gemma Raynor



  1. Mimi Make-Believe! Yay!
    My copy of Ten Little Pirates arrived – with a red cover..?

    1. A red cover? How bizarre! Is it the hardback version?

      Re Mimi – H ADORES it! He calls it ‘Mimi and Bear’ and he can’t get enough of it. It’s such a brilliant book and we have so many chats about all the imaginary roles we could play thanks to Mimi’s inspiration. It’s great for talking about being shy and nervous too, as well as being brave. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

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