Our reading list – August 2013

Here’s the update on what we’ve read this past month.  I’ve been trying to be a lot stricter with my book purchasing (with varying degrees of success) and despite how utterly traumatic this has been for me, a great side effect is that we’ve been re-reading books from the large collection that we already have.  In the past, I haven’t included reread books on the basis that it would make the boards overwhelmingly huge (as I’m sure is the case with lots of you, we have favourite books that are pulled out on an almost daily basis in addition to anything new that might appear).  However, I might now start including these books again, especially if I’m not having to write about them (see below…)!

In terms of the actual Pinterest board, I’m still toying with how much information to write in the mini-reviews underneath each picture.  As I struggle with brevity, writing 75-ish little snippets each month actually takes a while, especially as I am acutely conscious at the moment that I should be spending my blogging time making inroads into the mountains of gorgeous books I have to review, as well as just wittering on about books and reading in general.

Soooooo, please be BRUTALLY honest – is it worth me writing anything underneath the images of each book?  For those of you who use Pinterest regularly, do you find that is predominantly a visual thing (which it certainly is for me)?  For those of you who look at our reading list Pinterest board each month, do you simply scan over the images and see what catches your eye, or do you read the comments as well?

Absolutely no offence will be taken if you all say that my comments are pretty much pointless, as I know that I probably wouldn’t read many of them if I was checking out a similar post board by someone else (purely for time reasons, not AT ALL because I don’t think they would have anything interesting to say, it’s just that I read so many book reviews on a daily basis and obviously they are mainly text rather than images, so it might be nice to mix it up occasionally and have no text at all and just to look over our monthly pinboard) .  However, as a few people have told me they have used the boards to select books to seek out for their children, I will definitely keep sharing our thoughts if they’re helpful.

The full list of books that we’ve read can be found here on Pinterest.

In August, our favourite books were:

Me – ‘Little Owl’s Orange Scarf’ by Tatyana Feeney

C –  ‘The Alfie Treasury‘ by Shirley Hughes

H –  ‘Poo Bum‘ by Stephanie Blake

C and H also asked for special mentions for ‘Bang” by Leo Timmers and ‘How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth‘ by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley 🙂



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