December 2….. ‘Ernest and Celestine – Merry Christmas’ by Gabrielle Vincent

Ernest and Celestine – Merry Christmas‘ by Gabrielle Vincent (published by Catnip Publishing)

IMG_7785So, day 2 of our Christmas book extravaganza and we have an absolute deeeeeeeeeelight for you!  We already had the first book in this enchanting collection and were therefore more than a little excited to discover that Catnip have recently republished a Christmas book featuring Ernest and Celestine.

These books, by Gabrielle Vincent (and originally in French), are based on the gentle relationship between the two main characters and each story centres around them enjoying simple, timeless pleasures – the sort of things with which my own memories of childhood are filled.

This time they are hosting a Christmas party, the planning and execution of which has its ups and downs, including a slightly stroppy partygoer who can’t play nicely to start with…



…but after looking on from the sidelines he soon realises how much fun he is missing!

This book perfectly captures the joy to be found in reminding ourselves of the true meaning of the festive season, showing us that we can have oodles of fun with the people we love without spending a fortune.  While the boys do both love this book as well, for me the charming illustrations and accompanying text lift it from a loveable Christmas read into the realms of the true Christmas classics.

Oooh, and P.S. If you like this, you soooooooo need to get the other ‘Ernest and Celestine’ books too.  That is all 🙂


Disclaimer: I received my copy of ‘Ernest and Celestine – Merry Christmas’, from the lovely people at Bounce Marketing. I was not asked to write this post, nor was I given any money for doing so, and the review represents my own honest opinion.




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  1. This looks beautiful!

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