Our reading list – November 2013

Despite feeling as though we reread certain books (ALL our Meg and Mog ones, for instance) hundreds of times this month, we’ve still managed to rack up a pretty hefty total.  Now that C brings home a reading book and a library book from school each week and H brings home a book from nursery each week too, we see a fair few books coming into the house before we even get started on those we choose from our own collection, from the local public library and any that we might buy or be lucky enough to get sent for review.  Not that I’m complaining for a second, but I suppose it just surprises me that we get through so many when it really does feel as though we read some of the same ones over and over again!

Anyway, here’s the link  to the Pinterest board showing everything we read and below are our books of the month:

Me – ‘Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich‘ by Lorraine Francis, illustrated by Pieter Gaudesaboos

C – ‘How The Weather Works‘ by Christiane Dorian, illustrated by Beverley Young

H – ‘Snore!‘ by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Jonathan Langley


One comment

  1. I know that feeling! Once I started collecting them all up on Goodreads, it makes it very interesting. I think we’ve covered nearly 500 this year but I haven’t updated the list for weeks. Lovely books on your list. I really, really want to see The Midnight Library and Laika.

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