December 3….. ‘Father Christmas Needs A Wee’ by Nicholas Allan

Father Christmas Needs A Wee‘ by Nicholas Allan (published by Red Fox)

IMG_7787Right, I’m squeezing today’s post in by the skin of its teeth as we’ve had internet issues all day, meaning this is the first chance I’ve had to use the computer.  M suggested that I just write about two books tomorrow instead and thus has me worried about whether he knows me AT ALL, as clearly that would mess up the pattern of posting every day; everything would be out of sync; the system would break down… *smoke starts shooting out of ears and panicky breathing commences*

Anyway, we’re still rightfully on Day 3 and all is well.  Phew.

This book is one that C selected from a Christmassy bookshop display a couple of years ago and, if I’m honest, it probably wouldn’t have been my choice.  Just goes to show it’s worth standing back more often as both C and H find this book (as well as its accompanying CD) toe-ticklingly hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious!  This is our second copy (our first was ‘loved’ into oblivion) and now the most popular pages of this one are somewhat the worse for wear:

IMG_7788The title tells you everything you need to know about the plot, though the rhyming story does incorporate counting to ten and back again and the boys like showing off that they can perform this trick 🙂  It also sparks some lighthearted chats about what makes a good Christmas present, as well as how hard Father Christmas has to work on Christmas Eve.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to read aloud and likely to make you all laugh, then this is a great option.


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  1. bookaholicmum · · Reply

    Ah books about weeing and pooing are always a hit! We could have done with this on Saturday – we went to a local Christmas fete on Saturday and as we were about to go into see Santa he went on his tea break! S was devastated and I had to resort to joking about Santa needing a wee and a poo to get her to stop crying!!

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