December 4….. ‘Claude on the Slopes’ by Alex T. Smith

Claude on the Slopes‘ by Alex T. Smith (published by Hodder Children’s Books)

IMG_7791We’ve written about the Claude books before (here) and this book proves they’re still up there sprinkling the glittery icing sugar on top of the yule log when it comes to the ‘illustrated fiction for newly confident readers’ genre (my attempt at festive imagery *may* have gone slightly awry there – apologies…).

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Alex T. Smith is an utter genius at writing and illustrating books that make us want to keep on reading.  I appreciate that once C and H are reading confidently themselves then the pace may slow somewhat, but while I’m still reading to them for the most part, we devour each Claude book in one breathless sitting.

This book was no exception, following Claude and Sir Bobblysock as they take their finely honed sense of style, love of baked goods and Outdoor Voices to the wintery world of the ski slopes.

IMG_7792Claude and Sir Bobblysock are such glorious characters and they are written and illustrated with such warmth and wit that you can’t help but fall in love with them, even if they are bopping someone on the head with a flying welly!  There is such attention to detail in each story, coupled with perfect observations humour, that these books should be read by all adults as well as all children.

‘Claude on the Slopes’ gives us a visual feast of festive knitwear, text containing many of the greatest words in the English language (both ‘snazzy’ AND ‘skedaddled’ make an appearance for starters…) and mild avalanche-related peril, so please hop on to your skis and head to your nearest bookshop or library without delay – you NEED to read this 🙂





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