December 5…. ‘How Santa Really Works’ by Alan Snow

How Santa Really Works‘ by Alan Snow (published by Simon and Schuster Children’s)


WARNING!  Do NOT read the following sentence unless you are both a) someone whose age is at least in double figures, and b) someone who can cope with hard-hitting news.  OK, here goes – in spite of what you may think, this book is, in fact, fictional. *Cries a little into the cushion, toughens up, shakes it off and prepares to go and spread festive cheer regardless*

Right, having got that over with, I’m calm enough to remember that I actually love this sort of book – fictional (*sniffle*) content presented in a non-fiction style.

This book is one of the ones I pored over when I was younger and this copy is appropriately dog-eared so, when preparing this post, I was really excited to see that this book is still in print and easily available (not always the case with my loft treasures).

If you are keen to have your questions about Father Christmas answered: where he lives and works, how all the toys get made and the mechanics of his sleigh, not to mention the all-important question of how he fits so much travelling into such a short time, then this is the book for you.

IMG_7765The author (the very suitably named Alan Snow 🙂 ) has clearly researched his subject in incredible detail to bring us this thrilling insight into the life and workings of one the most famous, yet eternally elusive, characters in society today.

This book will definitely appeal to those who, like C and H, constantly want to know ‘Why?’ (so, pretty much every child EVER, then) and it’s highly recommended to help you answer those tricky questions in style.







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  1. We have the pop-up version, it’s wonderful (although not so packed full of ‘facts’ of course!)

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