December 7….. ‘Jack Frost’ by Kazuno Kohara

Jack Frost‘ by Kazuno Kohara (published by Macmillan Children’s Books)

IMG_7749We’re won over by most things that Kazuno Kohara does and ‘Jack Frost’ (which seems now to be published as ‘Here Comes Jack Frost’) is a perfect pre-school wintery book.  It has a similar theme to the book we reviewed yesterday (‘Winter’s Child‘), following the fun that a little boy has playing with Jack Frost…

IMG_7750…until the latter has to leave in order for the warmer weather to arrive.  Again, there is a hint of melancholy as the boy tells us that, “The spell was broken” after Jack Frost had departed, but a whisper comes back over the wind that he’ll be back next winter which allows us to leave the story feeling positive, and even excited about, the changing seasons.

Kohara’s distinctive linocut illustrations, which usually employ a palette of no more than two or three colours, suit this story down to the snow-covered ground.  Building snowmen, having snowball fights, going sledging and ice-skating – all these glorious pursuits are covered and make us yearn for the temperature to drop enough for it to snow right here, right now.  The text is descriptive enough to spark lots of conversations about whether or not Jack Frost is real and how we’d spend our ideal winter’s day, but it always lets the pictures shine.

Given the winter – rather than Christmas – theme, this book is one you can enjoy for next few months.  What an investment 🙂



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