December 14….. ‘Jolly Snow’ by Jane Hissey

Jolly Snow‘ by Jane Hissey (published by Scribblers)

IMG_7783‘Jolly Snow’ is a book you’ll definitely want to have to hand during the Christmas holidays.  Not only is Jane Hissey  an absolute legend (we’ve reviewed some of her other books here and here) but this book provides so many opportunities for extending the book-related fun and filling a winter’s afternoon.

The story follows the quest of a merry band of toys, including her well-known Old Bear, as they try and make their own snow for Jolly Tall the giraffe, who has never seen real snow.  They try flour…

IMG_7784… paper and feathers, among other things, before they realise that real snow has started falling just outside the window.

At the moment, H is in the midst of the enchanting ‘Why?’ phase and thus questions everything indiscriminately whereas C is starting to question specific things much more deeply and is very interested in how things work and why things happen.  This book has therefore been developing his scientific enquiry skills as we’ve talked about how each pretend snow idea was different from real snow and have also come up with some ideas of our own that the toys could try (both boys favoured M’s shaving foam, which was used liberally at bath time on several occasions last week…).

Even without this, ‘Jolly Snow’ would be a wonderful winter read.  The story is gentle and fun and as always, Jane Hissey’s illustrations are utterly fabulous.  The textures of the toys look so real that the boys often reach out to stroke the pages, despite knowing that this isn’t a ‘touch and feel’ book 🙂

If you do seek out this book and you love it, be sure to visit your local library or bookshop to catch yourselves up on the other books in the series as they’re all equally gorgeous!


Disclaimer: I received my copy of ‘Jolly Snow’, from the publisher. I was not asked to write this post, nor was I given any money for doing so, and the review represents my own honest opinion.



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