December 18….. ‘A Letter For Bear’ by David Lucas

A Letter For Bear‘ by David Lucas (published by Flying Eye Books)



‘A Letter For Bear’ is one of those books whose touching text and impressive illustrations makes you glad to be alive.

It’s about a bear who is a postman (which was pretty much my dream job when I was younger.  I was, and still am, a HUGE fan of post) and who stoically goes about his work each day, with barely a moment’s thought for his own loneliness and lack of letters.  I don’t know if it’s just the hat and bag, but he reminds me of a chap going off to war – trying to do his bit and putting his all into his mission, but with a pang of regret inside as to what sort of life he could be living if circumstances were different.  Obviously I’m not trying to equate delivering the post with war, but the fact that books can inspire this depth of feeling in me still awes me even though it’s happened so regularly.

Anyway, a kerfuffle on a blustery day causes the bear to speak to the people in the houses on his round and this highlights for him just how much he really would like a friend or two.  So, being a proactive sort of a character, he write to everyone to invite them to a Christmas party.  We see his preparations and we see him eagerly awaiting his guests, but it looks as though no-one is coming………  Until, they DO!

IMG_7794Not only does the party go off with a bang, but he then ends up receiving a lot of letters (which he dutifully delivers to himself) thanking him for his hospitality and wishing him a happy Christmas.  Hurrah!

David Lucas has a wonderfully distinctive style (which you’ll see again tomorrow when we review another one of his books) and there are so many lovely details in his work.  The borders on all the pages are beautiful and the endpapers at the back are FAB, telling you the names of all the creatures that appear in the book (it goes without saying that the snowy owl was my favourite).  The books is also beautifully produced and the thick, matte pages are just crying out to be stroked, so I can give no further advice except to find yourself a copy and get stroking 🙂



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