December 19….. ‘Christmas at the Toy Museum’ by David Lucas

Christmas at the Toy Museum‘ by David Lucas (published by Walker)



Following on from yesterday’s post, here is another beautiful David Lucas book to tempt you into rushing straight to your nearest bookshop or library.

‘Christmas at the Toy Museum’ tells the charming story of a a group of toys who all reside in the Toy Museum.  After the doors have closed to the public on Christmas Eve, they rush to the Christmas tree to see what presents they can look forward to opening the following morning.  They discover, however, that there is nothing there – the toys have no toys to open 😦

Their resourceful leader, a bear named Bunting, decides that they should give themselves to each other as gifts instead (they are toys, after all).  So they each pack themselves up and wait impatiently for the morning to arrive, all the time watched over by the angel at the top of the tree.

Eventually the time comes and they all gleefully unwrap each other, except for Bunting, who still has no present.  Luckily the angel foresaw this situation and swishes down with the most magical present imaginable for him – a wish.

IMG_7778In true fairytale hero style, Bunting does not wish for something for himself, but instead wishes that it could be Christmas all the time.  His wish is granted and although it doesn’t say so, you just know that all the toys lived happily ever after.

This sweet story is a great way of showing younger children that Christmas is about more than just the material presents they receive, but about thinking of other people and what might make them happy.

David Lucas uses a much broader colour palette here than in ‘A Letter For Bear’ but his style is immediately recognisable and there are definite similarities between the two protagonists of each book.  This one also delightful endpapers, with the front ones naming each toy that appears in the book.  A real treat 🙂



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