Our reading list – January 2014

So, our first monthly round-up is here.  We’ve actually read more books than I thought, especially as some of the books have been read what feels like HUNDREDS of times.  H is going through a phase of wanting his favourite books lots of times in a row (with barely a pause to catch your breath in between) so I’d honestly thought we’d only have about ten in our list.

We’ve already received some utterly delicious books from publishers to review this year and next week is when I’m aiming to start getting on top of our review pile (some of which I’ve shamefully had for many months now and have not written about despite us loving them VERY much).

We’ve also joined in with the #300PB challenge set by Anne-Marie over at Child-Led Chaos, for which we will aim to read 300 different pictures books (or highly illustrated chapter books) over the course of this year.  I was feeling pretty confident after racking up 56 towards our total in one month, but then I realised that certain books (step forward, ‘You Choose‘, for example) will not be counted in any future months.  It’s therefore going to be tougher than I thought but at this early stage I’m still hopeful of success 🙂

So, here’s the link to our 300PBs board, which is subtly different from our Pinterest board from last month.  I’ll post both links each month this year, but as the months go on I think it’ll be easier to tell them apart.

Also, below are our books of the month.

Me – ‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Story Treasury‘ by Alison Uttley, illustrated by Margaret Tempest

C – ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

H – ‘Wilberforce Goes Shopping‘ by Margaret Gordon


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