Our reading list – May 2014

So here’s May’s reading list, hot on the heels of our April one…  A couple of day’s premature, but we have a busy weekend planned and at least this way I won’t let it go a month overdue *looks down at April’s post, shuffles feet and coughs…*

We’re now starting to share a few longer books, which is exciting in that we now have an even more varied diet of reading material that includes shorter illustrated chapter books, longer chapter books, comics, picture books and C’s reading books from school.  We’re also enjoying ‘Okido‘ magazine and thinking of getting C an ‘Anorak‘ magazine subscription for his birthday and in non-book related news, we are obsessively singing the songs from ‘The Sound of Music’, which is the boys’ current obsession 🙂

Here is our Pinterest board for May 2014, as well as our #300PBs update.

Below are our books of the month.

Me – ‘The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs!’ by Gary Northfield

C – ‘Sir Mouse to the Rescue‘ by Marjolein Pottie, illustrated by Dirk Nielandt

H – ‘The Bear’s Song‘ by Benjamin Chaud


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