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I love a good list…

I don’t know if I’ve ever previously mentioned my love of lists, but I have a serious obsession.  My heart broke a little bit when The Independent stopped including the ’50 best…’ supplement on a Saturday, as I’d happily tear it out of my parents’ hands (yes, this was a while ago, I don’t travel […]

Our reading list – February 2014

So, here’s our round-up for February, which has seen us add more books than I was anticipating to our 300PBs board.  Here, also, is the link to our Pinterest board for the books we read in February.  This includes books that were also read in January, as well as a couple of chapter books and C’s reading […]

Our reading list – January 2014

So, our first monthly round-up is here.  We’ve actually read more books than I thought, especially as some of the books have been read what feels like HUNDREDS of times.  H is going through a phase of wanting his favourite books lots of times in a row (with barely a pause to catch your breath […]

Our reading list – December 2013

Here’s our last round-up of 2013!  I contemplated doing a top ten list of our favourite books from past twelve months, but we’ve read and loved so very many wonderful books that it was completely and utterly impossible.  Even glancing back over our favourite books from each month would give 36 possibilities and it was […]

December 25….. ‘Olivia helps with Christmas’ by Ian Falconer

‘Olivia helps with Christmas‘ by Ian Falconer (published by Simon and Schuster)   Before I get started, I should say that my copy of this book is the paperback version, whereas it would seem that the format that is currently available is a board book.  There’s nothing to suggest that either the text or illustrations […]

December 24….. ‘The Empty Stocking’ by Richard Curtis

‘The Empty Stocking‘ by Richard Curtis, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb (published by Puffin) It’s no secret that we LOVE Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations (and we love her even more as a person given that her dedication in this book reads “For my family and Father Christmas” – awesome), so last year we were delighted to buy […]

December 23….. ‘The Polar Express’ by Chris Van Allsburg

‘The Polar Express‘ by Chris Van Allsburg (published by Andersen Press) This book has been a HUGE hit with the boys this year (the toot-toot factor earns it considerable cool points with H, if nothing else) and it’s not often I say this but it means that I’m very much looking forward to showing them […]