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December 25….. ‘Olivia helps with Christmas’ by Ian Falconer

‘Olivia helps with Christmas‘ by Ian Falconer (published by Simon and Schuster)   Before I get started, I should say that my copy of this book is the paperback version, whereas it would seem that the format that is currently available is a board book.  There’s nothing to suggest that either the text or illustrations […]

December 24….. ‘The Empty Stocking’ by Richard Curtis

‘The Empty Stocking‘ by Richard Curtis, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb (published by Puffin) It’s no secret that we LOVE Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations (and we love her even more as a person given that her dedication in this book reads “For my family and Father Christmas” – awesome), so last year we were delighted to buy […]

December 23….. ‘The Polar Express’ by Chris Van Allsburg

‘The Polar Express‘ by Chris Van Allsburg (published by Andersen Press) This book has been a HUGE hit with the boys this year (the toot-toot factor earns it considerable cool points with H, if nothing else) and it’s not often I say this but it means that I’m very much looking forward to showing them […]

December 22….. ‘When It Snows’ by Richard Collingridge

‘When It Snows‘ by Richard Collingridge (published by David Fickling Books)     This book feels as though it’s been produced on a cinematic scale, with the young protagonist highlighting how the world at Christmas might appear to a small child.  He sets off on a magical adventure one snowy day, riding on a polar […]

December 21….. ‘Christmas Trolls’ by Jan Brett

‘Christmas Trolls‘ by Jan Brett (published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons) This book by Jan Brett is a clever way of sharing with children that Christmas is about more than just presents and that the old ‘giving is better than receiving’ chestnut does actually have some truth behind it. Although the setting is specified, the main […]

December 20….. ‘Three Little Owls’ by Quentin Blake, Emanuele Luzzati and John Yeoman

‘Three Little Owls‘ by Emanuele Luzzati (English version by John Yeoman) and illustrated by Quentin Blake (published by Tate Publishing) As soon as I saw this book I knew there was no way I’d be spending this Christmas without it (and having a birthday quite close to Christmas meant I had some book money to […]

December 19….. ‘Christmas at the Toy Museum’ by David Lucas

‘Christmas at the Toy Museum‘ by David Lucas (published by Walker)   Following on from yesterday’s post, here is another beautiful David Lucas book to tempt you into rushing straight to your nearest bookshop or library. ‘Christmas at the Toy Museum’ tells the charming story of a a group of toys who all reside in […]

December 18….. ‘A Letter For Bear’ by David Lucas

‘A Letter For Bear‘ by David Lucas (published by Flying Eye Books)   ‘A Letter For Bear’ is one of those books whose touching text and impressive illustrations makes you glad to be alive. It’s about a bear who is a postman (which was pretty much my dream job when I was younger.  I was, […]

December 17….. ‘Olive, the other reindeer’ by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh

‘Olive, the other reindeer’ by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh (published by Chronicle Books) I think I’ve mentioned before that my sister is a genius at discovering books that I’ve never even heard of, but fall in love with every time.  Last Christmas, she got me this book – one of the most lovely […]

December 16….. ‘Herman’s Letter’ by Tom Percival

‘Herman’s Letter‘ by Tom Percival (published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books) This is one of the sweetest books we’ve read this year and the great thing is that it’s not overly wintery or Christmassy, so you can legitimately bring this out on any day of the year! The story describes the very close friendship between Herman […]