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December 15….. ‘Sad Santa’ by Tad Carpenter

‘Sad Santa‘ by Tad Carpenter (published by Sterling) The first thing that attracted to me to this book was the colour scheme, as I’m particularly fond of a turquoise and orange combo *looks casually around at the colours she’s chosen for this blog…* 😉 Books with a limited colour palette may stand out among the […]

December 14….. ‘Jolly Snow’ by Jane Hissey

‘Jolly Snow‘ by Jane Hissey (published by Scribblers) ‘Jolly Snow’ is a book you’ll definitely want to have to hand during the Christmas holidays.  Not only is Jane Hissey  an absolute legend (we’ve reviewed some of her other books here and here) but this book provides so many opportunities for extending the book-related fun and filling […]

December 13….. ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Father Christmas Goes on Holiday’ by Raymond Briggs

‘Father Christmas‘ and ‘Father Christmas Goes on Holiday‘ by Raymond Briggs (both published by Puffin) These two books were great favourites of mine when I was younger, so much so that they weren’t among the loft treasures I found just over year ago because they had disintegrated thanks to excessive use.  I think to think […]

December 12….. ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’

‘The Snowman and the Snowdog‘ based on the characters created by Raymond Briggs, written by Hilary Audus and Joanna Harrison (published by Puffin) I don’t know what it says about me, but I’m someone who likes to have ‘sets’ of things and find it really hard when I know any set is incomplete.  It will […]

December 11….. ‘Lucky Wish Mouse – White Christmas’

‘Lucky Wish Mouse – White Christmas‘ by Clara Vulliamy (published by Orchard Books) This joyously sparkly read is one of the books in the enchanting series created by Clara Vulliamy and it couldn’t be a more lovely Christmas read. It’s a warming spiced apple juice of a story: sweet, comforting and with just the right […]

December 10…. ‘Alfie’s Christmas’ by Shirley Hughes

‘Alfie’s Christmas‘ by Shirley Hughes (published by The Bodley Head) After yesterday’s review of a Shirley Hughes classic, it seems only right that today we share her newest Alfie story, a Christmas one published this year. C and H have become somewhat obsessed with Alfie, and his little sister Annie Rose, after C was given […]

December 9….. ‘Lucy & Tom’s Christmas’ by Shirley Hughes

‘Lucy & Tom’s Christmas’ by Shirley Hughes (published by Gollancz) There’s probably very little I need to say about this book.  It’s by Shirley Hughes, it’s a Christmas story featuring two of her best loved characters and it’s pretty much perfect.  As Pippa Goodhart has written here in her post on Picture Book Den, the […]