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The future of sharing books with children – no.2 – libraries

So, leading on (quite some time later, I know!) from my previous post about the future of booksellers, the next thing M and I discussed was the future of libraries. Despite being aware of all the cuts that are being made to the funding for libraries, it seems to me (and I’m guessing many others […]

The future of sharing books with children – no.1 – booksellers

Let me start this off by saying that I feel incredibly guilty for not using what precious little blogging time I have over the summer hols to write a review of one of the MANY books that have been neatly stacked in my blogging box next to the sofa for what seems like forever.  The […]

Family stories

Last night, Zoe from Playing by the book posted a link on Twitter to an article from the Guardian that really struck a chord with me. Written by Stuart Dredge, it features insights from Frank Cottrell Boyce about the importance of storytelling and how its essence is being lost by “celebrity magazines and reality shows.” You […]

Current Story Seekers priorities

I’ve found myself having a huge rethink about Story Seekers recently, but don’t get too attached to my ramblings as I’m sure there’ll be hundreds and thousands a couple more rethinks in the next two years 😉 The time issue is actually one of the major things that’s whizzing around in my mind and I […]

Loft treasure no.8 – ABC, 123, and some vintage rhymes

I haven’t posted about my loft treasures for ages and what better time to reintroduce them than for my one hundredth post?!  When I first started this blog nearly a year ago I didn’t think I’d get past one post, let alone up to a hundred, and it took me quite a few months to […]

Fancy a chance to design a logo for the wonderful FCBG Festival of Children’s Literature…?

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a huge fan of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) and am in awe of the great work that they do at both national and local levels to promote a love of books and reading to children. The FCBG is run entirely by volunteers, a shiny, happy group of […]

Inspiration for Story Seekers – Bookhappy

Following on from the fab  Zoe from ‘Playing by the book’, I’m really excited to be able to share my interview with Cate and Hannah from ‘Bookhappy‘. Funnily enough, it was Zoe who first pointed me in the direction of Bookhappy and I’m over the moon that she did.  Cate and Hannah are already building […]