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Fancy a chance to design a logo for the wonderful FCBG Festival of Children’s Literature…?

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a huge fan of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) and am in awe of the great work that they do at both national and local levels to promote a love of books and reading to children. The FCBG is run entirely by volunteers, a shiny, happy group of […]

Another Story Seekers update

Today, a new email came through from Picture Book Den – a great blog to which I subscribe.  The posts are written by a group of children’s authors based in the UK and Ireland and they’re always fun to read, as well as (for me) being really useful and informative. Today’s feature was written by […]

Festival fever!

Hello again – it feels like WAY more than a week since I last posted anything here as so much has happened in my sparkly, (really quite) little Story Seekers world! Quite a few people have got in touch, one way or another, to offer kind words of support and advice, for which I am […]

A slightly different approach…?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am currently at home looking after the wonderful little pickles that are C and H.  With no family nearby and limited funds, I will struggle to get the Story Seekers baby and toddler classes off the ground prior to H at least starting at pre-school in September 2014.  I know […]

Putting it out there………

Right, so I figured I might just write down, for the first ‘official’ time, what my thoughts and hopes are about what Story Seekers could become. Having worked in a very structured profession as a teacher all my adult life and having had no-one close to me who has ever set up their own business […]