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A slightly different approach…?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am currently at home looking after the wonderful little pickles that are C and H.  With no family nearby and limited funds, I will struggle to get the Story Seekers baby and toddler classes off the ground prior to H at least starting at pre-school in September 2014.  I know […]

Putting it out there………

Right, so I figured I might just write down, for the first ‘official’ time, what my thoughts and hopes are about what Story Seekers could become. Having worked in a very structured profession as a teacher all my adult life and having had no-one close to me who has ever set up their own business […]

Some fun in the sun!

Check me out – two days in a row – woo hoooo! I was so chuffed to get a response yesterday that I’ve been inspired to write again today.  I’m working on the basis that getting into the habit of updating this regularly will help and that I don’t always have to write the reams […]

An update…

So, clearly I haven’t been updating this as often as I’d planned!  I’m still finding it quite hard to just throw stuff ‘out there’, but hey ho!  I will try and do better and keep reminding myself that leaving my comfort zone is a GOOD thing! I’m still loving the display-style bookcase that we put […]