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The ‘new look’ Story Seekers?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of ‘Story Seekers: The Business’ recently.  This has partly been inspired by my storytelling sessions and my blogging, but also by the fact that H is definitely coming out of the baby stage so my potential new career is getting ever closer.  He’s currently in […]

Oxfam storytelling session – 4-6 year olds

So, today was my second ever storytelling session at the Oxfam bookshop and I absolutely LOVED it!  Having done the one before Christmas, I was a little more relaxed this time about logistics and I felt more comfortable with the timing of everything.  It helped that the books I’d selected were just delicious when read […]

Why I’m making peace with my ‘Beautiful Oops!’

I really wish that this book – ‘Beautiful Oops!’, by Barney Saltzberg (published by Workman Publishing) – had sprung to mind as I was writing this post about my lack of prowess in the crafting department. It’s a glorious book that my sister (who I’m fast realising has been responsible for choosing an AWFUL LOT […]

There’s a place for me, somewhere a place for me… (A.K.A. the one where I ‘fess up to my crafting ineptitude)

I’ve been feeling a little blue about Story Seekers recently.  Most of this is down to a lack of time to actually *do* most of the things I’d like to do, but a lack of time is something that afflicts nearly everyone so really it’s something I just need to get over and stop fretting […]

New year’s resolutions for Story Seekers

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I’m really excited about entering my first full year of blogging and have high hopes for the progress of Story Seekers in 2013! I have a few book reviews coming up and I have to say that I’m really enjoying writing reviews for some of the lovely books that the boys […]

Christmas storytelling session at Oxfam

So, I did my first ever storytelling session today (other than when I was teaching, but that was a whole different proposition as the children didn’t really have any choice about being there and there were no parents present!). This time, I made the posters, got up the courage to ask various nurseries, pre-schools and […]

Reading at the table (and other book-related dilemmas)

I’m genuinely interested in people’s views on how they present books and reading in their own homes, because I find myself conflicted about the best approach to take with C and H. Obviously when children are very young (I’m talking about the can’t-hold-their-own-head-up stage through to the wow-I-can-kind-of-sort-of-roll stage) they are not often holding the […]

Loft treasure no.6 – vintage Child’s Play books

I recently posted about an amazing book called ‘Rabbityness’ (you can read the post here), which is published by Child’s Play.  I have to confess that I don’t always remember who has published the books that I love and it’s something that I need to start noticing and recording more diligently. Anyway, having clocked the publisher […]

Oxfam storytelling sessions

So, in an uncharacteristically brave move on my part, I’ve offered to run some storytelling sessions at our local Oxfam bookshop. The main reason for doing this is to support a great charity and my local shop in particular, which is run by a very enthusiastic and informed lady who has worked incredibly hard to […]

‘Rabbityness’, by Jo Empson – a post for Picture Book Month

Three things have prompted me write about this book. Firstly, today I responded to a tweet from Jess  ((@AliceinBakerSt) who blogs – brilliantly – at Alice in Baker Street) about which picture books people might be reading for Picture Book Month (which is a month-long celebration of the wonder that is the picture book.  A calendar of […]