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A new member of Story Seekers

OK, so my husband, M, doesn’t exactly count as a brand new member as he’s been on board with the Story Seekers idea from the start, but recently I’ve been thinking more about his involvement in how and what we read with C and H. ¬†This is partly inspired by ‘Read It, Daddy!’ and his […]

Christmas storytelling session at Oxfam

So, I did my first ever storytelling session today (other than when I was teaching, but that was a whole different proposition as the children didn’t really have any choice about being there and there were no parents present!). This time, I made the posters, got up the courage to ask various nurseries, pre-schools and […]

Family stories

I know I only posted yesterday (I must be the most inconsistent blogger ever!), but I wanted to write about my recent experiences of sharing family stories with C and H. Even since they were born, I’ve tried to regularly tell them ‘stories’ from my head as well as from books. ¬†Usually these have been […]

Storyseekers sessions

Very frustratingly, I just lost this whole post while I was adding tags, but I’m on a roll and determined to get this done, so here goes (and apologies in advance for any tiredness-related typos!!!!). What follows is my current thinking on what each Story Seekers session (from the age of three months onwards) will […]