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‘Never Ever’, by Jo Empson

‘Never Ever‘, by Jo Empson (published by Child’s Play) For those of you who’ve read my post about Jo Empson’s ‘Rabbityness’ , you’ll know that I’m a fairly (OK, ginormously) huge fan of her work already.  I was therefore delighted to get my hands on her new book this week and it’s already very popular in […]

Two picture books that are helping the boys understand each other more

‘The Cloud’, by Hannah Cumming, published by Child’s Play This little gem of a book is one that we’ve started pulling out of the bookcase quite regularly recently.  We already loved ‘The Lost Stars’, by the same author and although this book is quite different in content, the colourful and emotive illustrations work equally well […]

‘UUGGHH!’ by Claudia Boldt

The title of this book is great to say out loud, before you even open the front cover and start reading (which I highly recommend that you do, by the way).  It had C  and H rolling in the aisles and the three of us spent quite a while experimenting with all the different ways […]

Loft treasure no.6 – vintage Child’s Play books

I recently posted about an amazing book called ‘Rabbityness’ (you can read the post here), which is published by Child’s Play.  I have to confess that I don’t always remember who has published the books that I love and it’s something that I need to start noticing and recording more diligently. Anyway, having clocked the publisher […]