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Reading at the table (and other book-related dilemmas)

I’m genuinely interested in people’s views on how they present books and reading in their own homes, because I find myself conflicted about the best approach to take with C and H. Obviously when children are very young (I’m talking about the can’t-hold-their-own-head-up stage through to the wow-I-can-kind-of-sort-of-roll stage) they are not often holding the […]

My mum, the Olympics and my motivation to start Story Seekers

Wow, the title of this post sounds a little like the game that Granny used to play (which I’ve mentioned before on here) where the eager listeners throw out three random ideas and the storyteller weaves them into an imaginative narrative.  Bear with me, though, as hopefully it’ll make sense eventually! I, like pretty much […]

Taking Story Seekers into children’s centres

Just a quick post, but this article from Nursery World reinforced my feelings about how I’d love to take Story Seekers sessions into children’s centres. I think that there are some parents who would potentially find the cost and/or atmosphere at a pre-paid baby and toddler class off-putting.  However, it might be that these same parents […]

In which I get lots of lovely inspiration from Florentine and Pig

I came across a very sweet new book today, whilst trying to amuse C and H as we waited an inordinately long time for a prescription to be fulfilled at the chemist.  We wandered around, marvelled at the fact it wasn’t raining, used our extra-powerful-imaginary-telescopes to look for crane trucks and skip loaders and waved […]

Storyseekers sessions

Very frustratingly, I just lost this whole post while I was adding tags, but I’m on a roll and determined to get this done, so here goes (and apologies in advance for any tiredness-related typos!!!!). What follows is my current thinking on what each Story Seekers session (from the age of three months onwards) will […]

Just a quick post…

Just a quick post, to mention a great competition that is going on over on another blog I follow avidly. ‘Playing by the book’ (www.playingbythebook.net) is a great source of children’s book reviews, but it’s more than that…  There are a whole range of ideas to encourage both parents and children to get more involved […]

Putting it out there………

Right, so I figured I might just write down, for the first ‘official’ time, what my thoughts and hopes are about what Story Seekers could become. Having worked in a very structured profession as a teacher all my adult life and having had no-one close to me who has ever set up their own business […]