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Loft treasure no.8 – ABC, 123, and some vintage rhymes

I haven’t posted about my loft treasures for ages and what better time to reintroduce them than for my one hundredth post?!  When I first started this blog nearly a year ago I didn’t think I’d get past one post, let alone up to a hundred, and it took me quite a few months to […]

‘Rabbityness’, by Jo Empson – a post for Picture Book Month

Three things have prompted me write about this book. Firstly, today I responded to a tweet from Jess  ((@AliceinBakerSt) who blogs – brilliantly – at Alice in Baker Street) about which picture books people might be reading for Picture Book Month (which is a month-long celebration of the wonder that is the picture book.  A calendar of […]

Loft treasure no.2 – In honour of Clara Vulliamy and Shirley Hughes

Just a quick post, but it’s in honour of today’s event at the Soho Theatre, where the super-talented author/illustrator and all-round good egg, Clara Vulliamy and her mum, the children’s book legend Shirley Hughes, gave a talk (along with Clara’s brother, Ed Vulliamy, a journalist and writer) as part of the Soho Literary Festival about how […]

Trawling the loft for memories

Last weekend, I took C and H down to my dad’s house so that we were out of the way while M and his dad decorated our lounge and dining room (which looks lovely, by the way – they worked VERY hard!). Anyway, prior to this visit I had stumbled across a conversation that @aitcheldee […]

Family stories

I know I only posted yesterday (I must be the most inconsistent blogger ever!), but I wanted to write about my recent experiences of sharing family stories with C and H. Even since they were born, I’ve tried to regularly tell them ‘stories’ from my head as well as from books.  Usually these have been […]