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“We got no troubles; Life is the bubbles; Under the sea…”

Before I go any further, please accept my apologies that you’ll now have ‘Under the sea’ from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ as an earworm all day 😉  Also, my camera had a funny five minutes recently, so some of the photos in this post (and a few of the upcoming posts) are less than perfect. […]

Our reading list – March 2013

As promised, here’s the update on what we’ve read this past month. The full list can be found here on Pinterest.  Please note that I only started doing the mini reviews underneath the images part of the way into the month, so not every picture has one of my comments attached (I’ll leave it up […]

Storytelling with babies and very young children

Ever since the first little Story Seekers-shaped nugget lodged itself in my brain, I’ve stuck wholeheartedly with the belief that reading is something that can be enjoyed from the very youngest age and that sharing books together is a wonderful experience that will hopefully set the foundations for a lifetime of reading for pleasure. Despite […]

Spooky stories

I just couldn’t let Hallowe’en go by without sharing a little of what we’ve been reading recently, as well as a little of what we’ve been making. I’ve been trying to retain a more autumnal feel to our stories and not focus toooooo much on the ghosts and ghoulies side of things, but as the […]