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The ‘new look’ Story Seekers?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of ‘Story Seekers: The Business’ recently.  This has partly been inspired by my storytelling sessions and my blogging, but also by the fact that H is definitely coming out of the baby stage so my potential new career is getting ever closer.  He’s currently in […]

There’s a place for me, somewhere a place for me… (A.K.A. the one where I ‘fess up to my crafting ineptitude)

I’ve been feeling a little blue about Story Seekers recently.  Most of this is down to a lack of time to actually *do* most of the things I’d like to do, but a lack of time is something that afflicts nearly everyone so really it’s something I just need to get over and stop fretting […]

A slightly different approach…?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am currently at home looking after the wonderful little pickles that are C and H.  With no family nearby and limited funds, I will struggle to get the Story Seekers baby and toddler classes off the ground prior to H at least starting at pre-school in September 2014.  I know […]