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Loft treasure no.8 – ABC, 123, and some vintage rhymes

I haven’t posted about my loft treasures for ages and what better time to reintroduce them than for my one hundredth post?!  When I first started this blog nearly a year ago I didn’t think I’d get past one post, let alone up to a hundred, and it took me quite a few months to […]

Reading at the table (and other book-related dilemmas)

I’m genuinely interested in people’s views on how they present books and reading in their own homes, because I find myself conflicted about the best approach to take with C and H. Obviously when children are very young (I’m talking about the can’t-hold-their-own-head-up stage through to the wow-I-can-kind-of-sort-of-roll stage) they are not often holding the […]

Loft treasure no.2 – In honour of Clara Vulliamy and Shirley Hughes

Just a quick post, but it’s in honour of today’s event at the Soho Theatre, where the super-talented author/illustrator and all-round good egg, Clara Vulliamy and her mum, the children’s book legend Shirley Hughes, gave a talk (along with Clara’s brother, Ed Vulliamy, a journalist and writer) as part of the Soho Literary Festival about how […]

Loft treasure no.1 – ‘All in a Day’

So, here is the first of my posts about the many, many, MANY books I found in Dad’s loft a few weeks ago.  Although it’s not the one with the *most* sentimental attachment for me, it seemed like a good place to start as it links well with another ‘grown up’ book I’m reading, ‘Show Me […]

Trawling the loft for memories

Last weekend, I took C and H down to my dad’s house so that we were out of the way while M and his dad decorated our lounge and dining room (which looks lovely, by the way – they worked VERY hard!). Anyway, prior to this visit I had stumbled across a conversation that @aitcheldee […]

Treasure hunts and other high jinx

So, this past Tuesday, three of C and H’s friends came round and we had a fun-filled morning of activities based around ‘Winnie the Witch’.  I had hoped to take some photos of everything that we did, but unfortunately keeping three three year-olds and two one year-olds amused and engaged with each task meant that I […]

One small step for Story Seekers…

It feels as though quite a few exciting things have happened recently here in Story Seekers Land.  Logically I know that they’re not a huge deal, but they are little bits that actually feel quite significant to me. Firstly, I’ve decided to do a very small (and incredibly biased) trial run of some potential Story […]