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Christmas loft treasure no.5 – ‘Christmas’, by Jan Pieńkowski

I’m not enough of a wordsmith to describe just how elated I was when I discovered this book – the last festive loft treasure I’m sharing this week – among the boxes in Dad’s loft.  This book, beyond all the others I owned, epitomised Christmas for me (dare I say it, even more so than […]

Christmas loft treasure no.4 – ‘Mog’s Christmas’, by Judith Kerr

This gorgeous book was among my own loft treasures, but I know Judith Kerr’s delightful protagonist will be familiar to people of many different ages as well. This particular adventure of Mog’s details how she feels about the Thomas family’s Christmas preparations (to sum up: not a fan) but this is nothing compared with how […]

Christmas loft treasure no.3 – ‘The Friendly Beasts: an old English Christmas Carol’, by Tomie dePaola

This book is based on an old English carol, the sheet music for which can be found at the back of the book: It is one of the very few of my loft treasures where I can say that I don’t actually remember the story (or in this case, lyrics) at all.  I vividly remember […]

Christmas loft treasure no.2 – ‘Angelina’s Christmas’, Katherine Holabird, illustrated by Helen Craig

In the second post about my festive loft treasures, I’d like to share a book from a series that my sister and I used to absolutely adore when we were younger.  This makes sense for her, as the Angelina Ballerina books are about a little mouse who loves ballet.  My mum used to call my […]

Christmas loft treasure no.1 – ‘The Christmas Book’, by Dick Bruna

  We’re great fans of Dick Bruna’s books in the Story Seekers house and C (who is really into wordless stories at the moment) is having fun using ‘A Story To Tell’ to create his own adventures to share with us. However, this book, which retells the Nativity using Bruna’s distinctive illustrative style, is one […]

‘The Lost Christmas Gift’, by Andrew Beckham

One of my all-time favourite feelings is when someone introduces me to an amazing book about which I have absolutely NO prior knowledge.  This post is about just such an occasion, as my lovely little sister got me ‘The Lost Christmas’ Gift, by Andrew Beckham, published by Princeton Architectural Press, for my birthday last month. […]

Paper-cut perfection

This is a slightly unusual post, in that it’s about two books that I haven’t shared with the boys much yet but have pored over time and time again myself. I’ve been a huuuuuuuge fan of Rob Ryan and of paper-cutting ever since I came across his book ‘A Sky Full Of Kindness’  (which I […]