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Loft treasure no.8 – ABC, 123, and some vintage rhymes

I haven’t posted about my loft treasures for ages and what better time to reintroduce them than for my one hundredth post?! ¬†When I first started this blog nearly a year ago I didn’t think I’d get past one post, let alone up to a hundred, and it took me quite a few months to […]

Someone else’s loft treasure!

After a recent meeting at the Oxfam bookshop about my storytelling sessions, I allowed myself a quick browse of their children’s bookshelves. ¬†Fifteen minutes later, I was staggering home under the weight of several gorgeous discoveries, one of which was a book that made me literally squeeeeeeeeal with glee. ‘My Book of Country Life’, published […]

Trawling the loft for memories

Last weekend, I took C and H down to my dad’s house so that we were out of the way while M and his dad decorated our lounge and dining room (which looks lovely, by the way – they worked VERY hard!). Anyway, prior to this visit I had stumbled across a conversation that @aitcheldee […]