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Our reading list – October 2014

A very brief post, but much more than that is beyond me at the moment, unfortunately (as is evident from the fact that this post is nearly a month late!). Our Pinterest board for the books we read in October can be found here, along with our updated board for the #300PBs challenge. Our favourite […]

Our reading list – September 2014

Here’s our reading list from September and our update for the #300PBs challenge, as well as our favourite reads for the month. In Story Seekers reading news this month, C is continuing to do very well at school with his reading scheme books and is now enjoying reading picture books from home to H and R […]

Our reading list – July 2014

Hello!  This is the first reading list post since lovely little R arrived and as was probably inevitable, it’s a little late… HOWEVER, R has been busy elsewhere and has already managed (with a teeny bit of help) to guest post on the ‘Routes to Reading’ section of the Education Umbrella website, proudly showing off his […]

Our reading list – February 2014

So, here’s our round-up for February, which has seen us add more books than I was anticipating to our 300PBs board.  Here, also, is the link to our Pinterest board for the books we read in February.  This includes books that were also read in January, as well as a couple of chapter books and C’s reading […]

Book apps

We got our iPad a few months ago, after a loooooooooooong time of yearning after one (and that was just me…) and since then have been trying to have as much fun with it as possible.  It hasn’t actually been as hard as I’d anticipated to keep control of how much time the boys spend […]

Family stories

Last night, Zoe from Playing by the book posted a link on Twitter to an article from the Guardian that really struck a chord with me. Written by Stuart Dredge, it features insights from Frank Cottrell Boyce about the importance of storytelling and how its essence is being lost by “celebrity magazines and reality shows.” You […]

Sir Readalot and Sir Brillobooks meet Mike the Knight!

Today we were lucky enough to be invited by HIT Entertainment to a day out at Warwick Castle to meet Mike the Knight.  Despite living pretty close by, we haven’t yet taken the boys to Warwick Castle and both of them were super excited at the thought of today’s adventure. If I’m honest, before we arrived […]